Competition Schedule

FRIDAY 24/4/2020
PRELIMS: 9:30am
FINALS 4:30pm
1200m.Freestyle Men
2200m.Freestyle Women
3100m.Breaststroke Men
4100m.Breaststroke Women
5400m.I.M Men
6400m.I.M Women
750m.Butterfly Men
850m.Butterfly Women
9800m. Freestyle Men
101500m. Freestyle Women
11200mBackstroke Men
12200mBackstroke Women
SATURDAY 25/4/2020
PRELIMS: 9:30am
FINALS: 5:00 pm
1350m.Freestyle Women
1450m.Freestyle Men
15200m. Breaststroke Women
16200m. Breaststroke Men
17100m.Backstroke Women
18100m.Backstroke Men
19400m. Freestyle Women
20400m. Freestyle Men
21100m. Butterfly Women
22100m. Butterfly Men
23RelaysOnly for international teams trying to qualify for TOKYO

SUNDAY 26/4/2020
PRELIMS: 9:30am
FINALS: 4:30pm
24100m. Freestyle Men
25100m. Freestyle Women
26200m. IM Men
27200m. IM Women
281500m. Freestyle Men
29800m. Freestyle Women
3050m. Breaststroke Men
3150m. Breaststroke Women
3250m. Backstroke Men
3350m. Backstroke Women
34200m. Butterfly Men
35200m. Butterfly Women

There will be an A and B final as well as a Junior final in all events from the 50 to the 200m distance

The fastest 16 swimmers from the 50m, 100m and 200m heats in each event, irrespective of age, will be allocated places in the A and B finals.
The next fastest 8 swimmers from the junior category entries will be allocated places in the junior final.

400m IM and freestyle will be swum as heats and finals for open and junior swimmers. There is no B final in the open event.

In the 800m and 1500m freestyle events, slower heats will be swum in the morning and fastest heat will be swum in the afternoon.


Do not submit times slower than the times shown at Appendix 1

We will not offer refunds for any entries where the times submitted are outwith the consideration times. The organisers reserve the right to make cuts to ensure a balanced programme and the smooth running of the meet. Where this rule is invoked, swimmers with the fastest times will take precedence over those in the same category. Events where restrictions are applied will be selected by the East District swimming committee.