Entries and Timelines

All entry times should be set at accredited competitions since 1 March 2019, and verifiable.
Entries must be submitted using the events files provided.

These can be downloaded from http://www.nicosiagrandprix.com after 1 January 2020. Please ensure entries show the full name of the swimmer, full date of birth, registration number and entry time.

Entries must be submitted as long course times only. Times set in first leg swims during relays may be used. A proof of times report must be submitted with the entry file. The proof of times report must be submitted from meets recorded from meets recorded in the FINA rankings; or Swim News rankings; or from an official meet sanctioned by a National Governing body. An exception exists for the women’s 1500m freestyle; those without an accredited time at 1500m, but who meet the consideration time for the 800m event may enter the 1500m. All swimmers must provide an entry time for the 1500m.

Relays can be entered as well .

Entries from individuals can ONLY be submitted on the individual entry form available from our website. Please indicate if the time submitted is a short course time of long course time. The Nicosia Grand Prix entry secretary will convert any short course times for seeding purposes. This is provided for clubs or teams that are sending only one swimmer to the event. Reflecting the additional time needed to process individual entries, the closing date for individual entries is a few days earlier, on Wednesday 16th of April.

Clubs can get instructions on completing entry files from entries@nicosiagrandprix.com
No refunds will be given after acceptances are published or for entries submitted out with the consideration times.
Fees for rejected entries will be returned to clubs during the event.

Closing date for individual entries and club entries noon (GMT) 16 April 2020
Final programme & other information to clubs by December 2019