Prizes and Presentations

All swimmers, irrespective of nationality, may win cash prizes.

Top male and top female swimmer based on FINA IPS system, irrespective of nationality, will win cash prizes (Best performance by a swimmer, regardless of nationality)

Best Male
Best Female

Winners should be available for presentations after the Sunday evening‘s finals.

The top three youth and junior swimmers, men and women, will be awarded special gifts based on their performance (FINA points)
Top three swimmers for the youth and junior categories will be awarded medals based on their performance in preliminaries and finals.
Junior category is defined for athletes born in 2004, 2006
Youth category is defined for athletes born in 2002, 2003


Refunds will not be offered for any entries where times submitted are slower than the consideration times. The organisers reserve the right to make cuts to ensure a balanced programme and the smooth running of the meet.
Where this rule is invoked, swimmers with the fastest times will take precedence over those in the same category.