Meet Conditions / Rules

You can download the Full Information Bulletin for the Nicosia Grand Prix here

Under Auspises

Below are the meet conditions for Nicosia Grand Prix

The meet organisers reserve full powers over the Nicosia Grand Prix Swim Meet (50m)

The competition will be held under FINA and Cyprus Swimming Fedaration Rules, and the conditions printed in the meet information and on the Nicosia Grand Prix website. 

The meet is licensed by FINA and Cyprus Swimming Fedaration .

Entries will only be accepted from competitors registered as members of countries affiliated to FINA and whose swimmers have the permission of the relevant Governing Body to attend. Where required to do so, competitors shall present their passport for age verification at the recorder’s desk not later than 15:00 hours on the day before the competition begins.

A competitor must be a registered member, or equivalent, of the club in whose name s/he is entered, at the date of entry.

Mobile phones / other photography devices must not be used in the changing rooms, showers and toilet areas. Those found using mobile phones, breaching this rule may be excluded from the meet.

Anything not covered above or included in ancillary information will be at the promoters’ discretion.